General Questions

The Fintech Ladies are a network for women working in the Fintech industry. The network was founded in 2016 by Christine Kiefer in Berlin.
Coming from an American investment bank, where diversity was a given, Christine found the startup scene in Berlin in general and the fintech scene in particular very imbalanced. Determined to change that, she started to host meetups for women working for Fintech startups. The meetups quickly grew larger and the network expanded to Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt. Vienna and Zurich were added soon.
In 2019, the Fintech Ladies have gone international with the new hub in Brussels.
how can I join the Fintech Ladies?
Come to one of our #FTLDeepDives! The Deep Dives are our regular events, taking place 2-3 times per year in every hub. You will meet the local FemFintech community.

To learn about our events, sign up for our monthly newsletter here or follow us on social media.
my company would like to host an event.
With pleasure! We are always looking for new partners who would like to host an event with us. For a #FTLDeepDive, the host provides the location, food and drink and gives a lightening talk about a topic of their choice.

Cooperation and sponsoring for other event formats are possible as well. Have a look at the events section on our homepage and send us an email to
Are men allowed to attend the events?
The aim of our network is to connect women working in the Fintech industry, so our events are primarily targeted at women. The #FTLDeepDives, the #FTLAcademy and the #FTLDinner is Ladies only. The #FintechStories are however open to everyone, so bring your male colleagues!
How are the fintech Ladies organised?
The Fintech Ladies network is run by the Fintech Ladies Team. In the team, we all are Fintech professionals who are passionate about female empowerment. We want to connect and support women who are pursuing a career in the Fintech industry, or who are thinking about doing so.
We are dedicating our time and efforts to organising engaging network events, with the aim to create meaningful, lasting business relationships.
Every hub is run by one or more ambassadors, who are organising the local community.
The Fintech Ladies are a non-profit organisation and rely on sponsoring. If you would like to sponsor us, hooray! Send an email to
Can I join the FTL Team?
If you enjoy 'giving back' and would like to join our team, please send us your CV and a few lines about your area of expertise and your Fintech background to
We are always happy to hear from new ladies who would like to join and help to shape the movement!
There is no FTL hub in my city. can you open one?
Our network keeps expanding and expanding. If there is no hub in the city you live in, but you think it is worthwhile opening one - how about you become a Fintech Ladies ambassador?
Write us an email to, we'll be happy to hear from you.